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This technique is very simple but efficient and the way it's apply to anyone is with a personalized guided meditation to relax the mind getting into the Alpha or Theta brainwaves state.

In this brainwaves states the mind stops thinking in daily routines from work duties or family responsibilities that keeps the mind occupied with stress, worries, anguish, guilt, shame, disappointment, frustration from the past or expectation of the non existent future.

At the same time being in these brainwaves Alpha or Theta states through a deep guided meditation the body gets so relax that any tension builded it fades away.

Then the universal source energy it's been channel obtaining many healing benefits. Soothing chronic pains or recent one and even can speed up any recovery from any kind of surgery.

Moreover, reiki can be complementary to any medical or psychological treatment to improve ones health and recovery.

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Is there any recommendations to receive reiki session?


It's very simple the only requirement is to open your mind and heart with positive emotion-mind will. Putting a side any prejudice so the universal source energy can flow effectively.

The body position can be comfortable sitting or laying back with a personalized guided meditation and vibration sound from multi frequencies of quartz singing bowls.

The session can last approximately 33 minutes or more depending on every case.

For questions, appointment or more information and prices e-mail us.

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