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This technique involves the use of multi frequencies. To be expose on these wide range  frequencies one felt totally relaxed inner peace and harmony. In order to understand how this therapy works we must recall as quantum mechanics cites that everything in the universe is energy as nature and as our body in other words energy means a vibratory frequency.


Every symptom, discomfort, illness is an unbalanced result originated whether from our thoughts, emotions, bad food choices or stress, etc Which are the equivalent of lower frequency vibration. But these can be stimulated to rise its frequency and this way can help to ease, boosting, cellular regeneration applying the right frequencies.


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This therapy with emotional release therapy it helps to address and clear out repressed negative emotions. Thus paving the way of healing.


Recovery results in cases such as:

•   Insomnia

•   Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis

•   Hormonal imbalance

•   Depression

•   Chronic pain

•   Anxiety

•   Inflammation

•   Hypertension

•   Stress

•   Autoimmune diseases

•   Diabetes

•   Asthma

•   Surgery recovery

•   And more

Scientific studies had demonstrated applying the right frequencies had eliminated microorganisms that can cause illness without damaging healthy cells or any tissue. On the last decade the Chicago university had done research using frequencies to prompt wounds on diabetic people. Other recent studies from Stony Brook University NY, had done sound frequency experiments achieving successfully regenerating bone tissue. Also applying this frequencies on cancer patients observing a boosting in their immune system helping for a fast recovery. All this above shows that science keeps discovering many great benefits from vibrational frequencies.

The Quartz singing bowls are tune in with many high frequencies that creates code patterns in geometrical forms and one being exposed to these high frequencies stimulate stem cells helping to improve or heal physical body and in many systems such as immune system, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, etc

And specifically in the endocrine system stimulates the production and release of neurotransmitters, hormones that benefits one’s health such as

•   Endorphins

•   Serotonine

•   Dopamine

•   Melatonin

•   Oxytocin

•   Gaba

The benefits of hormones:

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It increase helps to reduce inflammation of muscles, tendons and nerves and are very effective in reducing pain; They are also known as "Hormone of happiness" that provide a feeling of well-being and fullness.



Improves stress and induces sleep, which translates into a better rest.

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Oxytocin has the ability to produce empathy, it gives us the opportunity to recognize the emotions of others. Oxytocin is the chemical mediator that produces and sustains maternal behavior in women and paternal in men.

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It largely regulates the heart rate and blood pressure as well as the motor system, this neurotransmitter stimulates the generation of other hormones that directly help the emotions, giving the sensation of harmony, peace and tranquility.



It stimulates the metabolism helping to lose weight excess, in the nervous system it regulates the sleep cycle reducing insomnia. Reduces depression and anxiety; which inhibits food addictions, helps to quit smoking, drastically relieves symptoms of pms, mitigates headaches or migraine among other benefits.

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The production and release of this hormone helps to improve the sleep cycle, stimulates the immune system, protects the cardiovascular system, stabilizes the biological rhythms of the body, stimulates the production of growth hormone and promotes longevity.

How does it work?

This technique is based on a serious of sessions with personalize guide meditation and visualizations in which toughs and emotions are stimulated with a variety of sequences of sound frequencies at 49 minutes approximately per session.

This therapy is available individually or in group.

Write an email for price, book a session or any questions.

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