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Past Life Regression Workshop

In this workshop you MIGHT explore 3 important events of a past life that were very relevant or lessons learned on your soul’s journey.

In some case one can observe the dead scene without pain, suffering, trauma or anything related but from soul’s perspective which is broader and bigger than limited conscious mind.

The past life that one explore it’s been select it by your

“ Higher Self, Over Soul, Higher Consciousness or Spirit”

it does not care how we label. It’s the Source where all had been created. Moreover, it knows everything about yourself with NO judging and it will show you the most appropriate past life related to your current mind-emotion state for your learning experience and grow on life.


Here’s a list of one MIGHT benefit from:


1- Breaking old patterns.

Accessing  into higher consciousness one can understand from a big picture or as an observer of you own thoughts, emotions and attitudes encouraging you to change or expand  your current “ belief system” or everything one had considered true about  life that had been the assimilation of concepts from family, culture, education, politics, religion, diets and so on influence based in many cases of limited “conscious mind or ego”. 


2-Soul Contracts Principle:

Before coming to live your current experience or this incarnation, every soul had made arrangements or contracts with many other souls that will play a role as family members, friends, co workers, acquaintances  even those who you had considered “enemies or antagonist” to interact with you in order to experience or learn lessons for your advancement and grow.


3- Understanding and transcending Karma Principle:

Karma had been misunderstood as negative by many and to contrary it is a learning opportunity as the universe provides many ways to understand “conscious of  unity principle “ or unconditional love. Karma is extremely efficacy way to transcend one self limitations or lack of understanding by “ walking in someone’s shoes “ from a group that one has prejudice, racism, sexism, especism, hate or antagonism  either politically, economic, religious or other means in life.


4- Overcome own fears and most common one of death or the unknown:

As eternal souls we had already experienced death hundreds of times or the transition from physical dense plane to spirit higher density or dimension. It makes a reminder that we are a light beings having a temporary physical experience for grow and constant evolution of one’s soul.


5-You MIGHT obtain healing in any of 3 levels mind, body or emotion:

Once you recognize and release old blocking patters, repressed negative emotions allows the body to work coherently activating your own ability for self cells generating  healing. In other words by living in harmony from your thoughts-emotions-actions your body will respond efficiently.


6- Discover your own truth:

By making connection with your “Higher Self, Over Soul, Higher Consciousness or Spirit”. You are accessing into universal knowledge and wisdom from higher planes of existence that will set you free and guide you through your own experience in life and paving the way for your life’s mission or purpose.


7- Rise your vibratory frequency.

Once you have make your adjustments or necessaries changes in life and becoming a positive healthy, living your best version of yourself , you become an inspirational person that can influence directly or indirectly people’s lives or the collective or your “actions speaks louder than words”. There are many studies and experiments  on quantum mechanics that proves this  scientific statement. In other words this workshop can be the first step into your transformational journey.



“My name is Esther and I had a past life regression workshop and this is what I experienced.

First of all I was very skeptical but  I followed the recommendations to open my heart-mind connection that I was given by Martin.

I was very surprised to get to seen the images of a series of important events of a past life in my mind so clearly more than I had ever expected.! Right after the session I woke up so sweaty and excited that still remember the images so vividly the person that I was in that 16 century....

Now I perfectly understand who and where I'm . Moreover, I had gain a lot of confidence to know where I'm heading in my life path.

Days after the sessions ( because I did more therapies and I will share it) I can say this statement that the session was really  powerful because I started to feel  more happy and sensible with a lot situations in life that I didn't value before.

Also I feel very grateful for allowing myself to enjoy this life changing experience and getting a new positive attitude towards life that I'm implementing every day and very excited to share with my spouse, friends and family. And  most of all this is my favorite part  is that  I'm in charge of my life!”



“ I can't describe with words how wonderful was my experience on this workshop; moreover, as a group we could hear other people's recalling their own different impressions and details they went through this workshop.

I had no idea that we could access into a past lives as it help me to answer many unanswered  questions I had and expanding my mind  to appreciate life as more than as I thought based on my belief”


Thank you Martin for this amazing workshop!


“I had a session with Martin where I had experienced one of my past lives. I saw many images through my mind that I though wasn’t possible but after session I understood the message why I saw that past life and it had help me to gain more confidence on my life’s project!’’


Thank you so much Martin.


Meeting your “Guardian Angel or Guides”

In this Workshop you’ll step forward into your sacred space expanding your consciousness and might getting the following valuable information such as:


1.- Meeting your guide through a guided meditation and tune in. You’ll get to see their physical appearance.

Their physical appearance are varied and it can be either sex female or male with different garments from simple ancient ones as off white tones robes or sophisticated as tight suits to the body or with intrinsic patterns or something completely differently as conventional etc.

Their age appearance can be as if a child, young, adult or old person. Moreover, in some cases can be as not conventional human or slightly different. In other words it could be show as whatever physical ruble form he/she considers for your own good. Ultimately their true origin as we are as “Light or energy”.

In higher dimensions or densities there isn’t need for physical bodies.

In some cases they could be more than 2 guides, and even your council can be many more.


2.- You can listen to his/her name or however the name or numbers given to you. Once you know the name that can be use anytime to establish direct communication when you tune in during meditation or when you most need it for advice.


3.-Once you get to see their appearance, the following can take place as, it might give you a box, a gift with something inside very significant to you. This box can be seen as many sizes or shapes, made of different materials, colors and that gift has its unique personal meaning.


4.-Right at the end there’s a possibility for a specific whisper message and once more related to your present mind-emotion state. This message or advice will help you to overcome any life challenge you are currently on or guide you to “the right direction, “ sort of speak.


5.-This workshop it’s a learning  guide to establish communication and once you have done it you can use this meditation anytime you’ll feel like need for advice. Moreover, you’ll open a door of any type of channeling that can be manifest messages or signs through dreams, advertising, cellphone app, pictures etc… so pay attention!


“My name is Esther and like I said before I was very skeptical but determined to improve my life and following a few recommendations provided by Martin and I’ve got ready to explore and find answers through this sessions.

At first thought that I wasn't going to be able to get any visuals but as I followed through the guided meditation by Martin I felt very comfortable and protected.


Moreover, confident and relaxed. I’ve met my Guardian Angel (as I recalled made me laugh and brings me joy) I was able to see him physically and felt a kind of unconditional love and protection. He gave me a very significant and powerful gift with a message that I felt completely identify with but I rather keep it to myself.

As a result from that message I understand the situations that I went though life and now I’m certain that I have to change many things to improve my present and therefore my future.


Thank you so much Martin for your guidance and to help me by open up my mind and explore finding a valuable truth for my life progress. Also, I highly recommend to anyone to do any of the workshops are really worth it.”


Akashic Records or Book of Life  Workshop

For those whom is the very first time and wonder what Akashic Records is?  The word “Akasha“ derives from an ancient Sanskrit language meaning “space or ether” from hindi culture literature that preserved this knowledge, and consequently Edgar Cayce re introduced  to western world at the beginning of XX century. Moreover, there is a brief outline in the Bible on “ Book of revelations “ chapter 20 versus 12 referring as “The book of consciousness and Book of Life”. Thus there are many contemporary authors, channelers, researchers  that had been written about it. In my personal journey was Dolores Cannon and her books “ Between Death and Life” and the “Convoluted Universe 5" series as many sessions, workshops, OBE or out of body experience or astral travels, meditations etc.. All mentioned with no chemicals but rather an organic safe natural stimulation. Our minds have that incredible power that’s unfolding.


The Akashic Records it’s  in a way as universal library where every soul journey, experiences, past lives and or possible future lives on Earth, other dimensions, planets, galaxies and universes had been recorded.

From the moment a soul had been created from origin or “Source” throughout the time it makes a choice to be as an independent consciousness to experiment life and its multiple forms and expressions. Therefore, an energy field register every thought, emotion, intention, word, actions, experiences, lessons and so on.


The Information of Akashic records helps to gain or expanse our consciousness from past lives, or future lives to our ever present time to identify and release addictive mind patterns, bringing awareness why did we choose family members, relationships, partners, friends and for some so call “enemies,“ as why we have certain attitudes or habits. For some it can be enlightened and for some healing. The Akashic Records allows to free yourself from limited adopted “belief  system” or from the illusion one had created to separate us from “Source/ God/ Spirit “.


In this wonderful workshop you’ll access to that “Universal Library”or Akashic Records where you can open your own book of life and read again what you wrote (before coming into your present incarnation) as your “Life’s purpose or mission”.

This is possible through a live guided meditation and a series of recommendations as meditations exercises on weeks before and previous workshops ( Pineal Gland Activation and Meeting your Guide as requisite ) Thus, you can be in tune with the right frequency with the unconditional love protection and permission from the guides and masters of Akashic Records.

Untitled design (3).png


"I was guided to the Akashic Records to find out my book of life and to my surprised  there was the guardian waiting right at the main door and granted me access. The guardian appearance was as 7 foot tall beautiful, type of Native American indigenous, pointed to an altar where there were few steps and a book on top of a wooden table. I noticed a fabric strip was among pages where I had opened the book and to my surprised there were couple written lines and I had perfectly read them."


Pineal Gland Activation Workshop

This is a very basic recommended workshop for those who have never practice or experience a meditation technique and its benefits. But first as you might wonder, what is Pineal Gland?

Pineal Gland: It’s a tiny pine-cone shape size of grain rice that is located deep in center of the brain. This gland releases melatonin, serotonin and neurotransmitters which regulates waking and sleeping cycles and mood states.

Other studies had revealed if proper stimulation WITHOUT natural or synthetic chemicals( mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, LSD or any psychotropics) produces DMT or dimethyltryptamine a neurotransmitter  that creates a natural altered state of consciousness. Within pineal gland there are tiny rhombohedron crystals with piezoelectric ( electric charge) and piezochromism (colors) properties and when is right stimulated releases colors and a tingle, buzzing or vibration sensation.

Physicist Russell  Targ and Harold Puttof at their Stanford Research Institute made thousands of experiments funded by government projects for more of two decades. The reality of ESP or Extra Sensorial Perception such as: remote viewing, telepathy, bilocation, healing psychokinesis, OBE out of body experience, astral projection and other consciousness  phenomena were subject to studied with highly proof and success.


Ancient civilizations as the Egyptians, Assyrians, Buddhist, Hindi, Mayan, Toltecs and others knew the shape and properties of this important gland as a connection and access to higher spiritual realms or realities.


Some chemicals, pesticides, transgenics, preservatives that are in foods and water and certain low EMF or electric magnetic frequencies as cell phones, tablets , computers, TVs, electrical boxes, wifi and others may disrupt or block pineal gland potential.

As a recommendations I encourage you to be aware of your personal habits and change for live whole foods diet or fresh organic fruits and vegetables and non fluoride water, turn off your cell phone and wifi at night time and other healthy recommendations.


This workshop it’s guided meditation or a light hypnosis level that brings you to Alpha brain waves, or relaxed state with high vibrational frequencies, from quartz singing bowls of 432 up to 5000 Hz that will stimulate your ESP or extrasensory perception. And tune you up for more advance workshops I have enlisted above.

Note: In person also with Roxiva Light frequency.


"After ending my session I recalled what I saw and felt. I had a feeling of floating in place. Even though I was laying down I still felt like I was floating out of my body. But when the vision turned into what looked like kaleidoscope type effect. I saw a lot of blue lights, red lights, green lights and yellow in different triangles shapes and sizes."

Kathleen California USA.


Workshop : Connecting with your Higher Self or Spirit

We had grown in our society with a belief that “we have or we are a body”; even though, some religions as well ancient philosophies had expressed that we are spiritual beings. Many people haven’t experienced something that tells otherwise or what we really are. Adding to our materialist modern society supported by a radical science that limits itself into measuring only what we touch and see and keeps us off from question the concept if are we really more than a body?

But we can say that there is a population percentage that somehow had experienced many kinds of phenomena and in many occasions they do not share it due fear to be cast out from society.

This experiences such as OBE during sleep time is well known as astral projection. Premonitory dreams is related to the “dejavú” which is had already lived a previous scene and we think is repeating itself.

Having vivid dreams such as conversing with a relative that haven’t seen for while or there are no longer in this plane or even talking to people that we haven’t met yet. And other phenomena label as “miracles” or spontaneous healing.


In ancient history of many cultures had observed the meditation practice or certain kind of altered states to obtain guide or advice or healing from beings in another plane or dimension described in chronicles of sacred books such as the Bible, the book of Enoch, Corán, The Mahabharata, the ancient Egyptian book of the dead as well the Buddhist version with the same title’s book.


If we could simple comprehend that we are a spirit or an energy having a temporality experience with a body. We can understand that we are beings having already past lives with a learning journey and accumulation of many experiences in this world, with a great purpose. This information little by little have been flowing in social network and mass media with recent documented cases feeding the curiosity of many people who are ready to learn this concept. In this communication age we can access into publications and experiments from brave honest scientists that in past decades they were kept under the radar without publishing the research; moreover we have learned information from quantum mechanics experiments such as Monroe Institute, Heart Math Institute, Stamford Research Institute, Maharishi University and even psychologists and physiatrics that had done an extensive research and coming to some of the conclusions that we are more than a body. And this body can only perceived one percent of light spectrum and other electromagnetic phenomena that is still in research had open a new study of “consciousness”.


Through a meditation technique, which is originally to quite our thoughts or our mind “ego”, we can access to information that can benefit in the current mind-emotion state that we are. Meditation had demonstrated a great physiologic benefit. Thus stress management and negative emotions. As we dive deep into a meditation research there is a branch of psychology. Where the history of hypnosis emerged and thanks to scholars such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton had spread out the information into a mainstream. But Dolores Cannon as a hypnosis pioneer is being considered ahead of her time. Dolores had research a whole a lot of knowledge about the soul, spirit, advanced metaphysics, ancient civilizations, other dimensions, other planets, galaxies, universes and more, in a very effective and safe way to obtain a great positive benefit for our health and development and evolution.


This workshop is a guided meditation to reconnect with our essence, visualizing in a multidimensional way the source of creation making you remember that we are more than a body, stimulating all your senses in an environment of inner peace and harmony with unconditional love. We are using a higher frequency that provides security protection because is the most important force in the universe which is love, the source, the father-mother, God, the unity, the universal consciousness, the great spirit, I AM, super consciousness or spirit. In this higher state of consciousness our truly essence is present without the limitation of the mind and sometimes delivering anything related to our soul journey without any judgement.

Benefits of this workshop could be:

1.- Reconnected to remember who we really are a spirit or energy and sometimes it can be hard to describe and through this experience we can somehow understand it.

2.- Upgrading our DNA, feeling physical relieved (ailments in any body part, headache or recovery stimulation). Feeling refresh, light and for some it can be immediately or after days. Others had experience seeing colors, symmetrical patterns, fractals, or other images within their minds during sessions.


3.- Some had seeing scenes that can be from a past life or images of possible immediate future to come within days, weeks, months even years. Some had feel or observed subtle presence of guides or some close relative that can show or provide a special message, surrealist images, metaphorically or literally. Although many of the information can manifest in many forms or fragments as a puzzle. And everything with the benefit to stimulate and motivate in whatever emotional, mental and physical situation that you are right now to bring you forward.


4.- During the following nights and days one can keep getting information thought dreams or practicing meditation .

And this information could be help to release old patterns or suppress emotions residing in the subconscious mind or the information could be as a guide to overcome any life challenges. So I highly recommend to keep a diary next to your bed to report whatever you have dream the day before and write it immediately in this way the information is not lost because that information it would help you to take consciousness to change your habits or more.

alimentacionviva (4).png

Temple of Healing  Workshop

As I had mentioned in the introduction of the “Akashic Records workshop “ as the Temple of Healing  are higher planes of existence. The Temple of Healing belongs to the so called “Paradise”  or the place on the after life  where many of us heard or studied in christian philosophy and many other religions tells a similar place of after life existence.

This place of existence is called Temple of Wisdom. It is a huge complex divided in 3 large parts: Temple of Healing, the Tapestry Room and the Library.


The Temple of Healing its a marvelous place where souls come for its healing properties. Many souls in the afterlife are treated in the “recovery hospital” and others come to this place and even souls that haven’t cross over can access and benefit from as the Guardian, masters or guides had encourage to delivered this message “ The guardian explained ( during a QHHT session) not many people afford themselves to this opportunity while in the astral traveling state. But they should. He says: We are here also to be at service to the souls who are still incarnated as well. If they would like to come we would be happy to welcome them. For always there’s a loving energy that goes with all this healing”. Taken from Dolores Cannon Between Death and Life book.  I had humbly confirmed this information  on many sessions and great healing  benefits from any kind of discomforts, symptoms or ailments.


The detail description of the temple may vary based on your visualization but mainly it’s a big temple building where there’s a guardian or your guide or both to greet and walk you to the center of the temple, where above there’s a dome with multi color glass windows and light comes through them and bounces to the center in a form of swirl or energy vortex. The subject or soul stands or lie down below the glass dome for a brief time. Then once it’s done the soul exits the same way entered and outside of the temple there’s a beautiful walkway leading to a lake surrounded by threes and bushes. Where some can receive an additional message or advice regarding to your current emotional-mind state.


This is an advance workshop in order to achieve it I strong recommend to do first “ Pineal Gland activation and  the Meeting of your Guide or Guardian” and a series of recommendations.


"It was a very different experienced from the first time was over two years ago. My first time it seems that I was in a sort of high tech modern hospital as if was out of a science-fiction movies. I was laying back and a intense blue light scanned all over my body. But this time I had days of constant headaches. So I came back to do it again. This time I saw myself laying back over on a white platform floating above the ocean. As I was feeling the sound vibration all over my body I started feeling so quiet and inner-peace. The most amazing thing was is that there was a blue whale swimming in circles underneath myself where I was. Then I started to feel smooth waves of energy all over my body and I didn't realize that I had fallen sleep for a while. When I woke up the headache reduced considerably and I was very excited for what just happened..."



Future Life  Workshop

This workshop is relative or "take it with a pinch of salt" because it makes us observe what kind of consciousness we have at this moment by inquiring into a possible time line. Moreover, it helps us to learn to change or confirm if we are on our right track or evolutionary path.

We must take into consideration from the perspective of the Soul or the true essence that we are. Since our soul is multi-dimensional. This means that the past, present and future are existing at the same time. In order to understand I'll show an analogy like a tree.


The tree consists with deep roots to the Earth, a large trunk and many ramifications that give leaves. All the leaves are your "past, present and future lives" but you are NOT just the leaf, you are the great trunk and roots that is attached to the Earth which is creation and that is connected with all the trees in the world . That connection is intelligent and ever-expanding. That is what we are. Therefore, when we refer to the possible time lines, they are countless. But at the moment of inquiring, it will depend on the state of YOUR BELIEVES  or consciousness as an indication to be able to change, expand, and in some cases to confirm where we might head on.


Online and in person workshop in our studio on LI NY

We offer group sessions as well 

For questions, appointment or more information and prices e-mail us.

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