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QHHT Session "Time travel stories"

I'm opening the first of series of Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions were people can get healing through higher self as they time travel to past lives and some to possible future timeline.

It's very exciting to be witness of people's journey recalling past lives as many known or ancient and even alien ( out of this world) cultures , being a man, woman, child, all races ,all religions, warriors, living isolated or with community etc... Higher Self knows exactly where and what to show by reliving specifically past life to client. Because every past life we had there's a lesson learned and by re lived is to remember something we had already achieve or in other case to avoid or breaking an old pattern in other words getting it right in this present time . So as I can try to explain how Higher Self works I consider it's better by session examples. Moreover, every person journey it's unique from yours or mine so we can't profile but to be inspire to find your own "convoluted universe" as our dear Dolores portrayed on her amazing books.

Welcome to the first story QHHT session and for those whom for the very first time are about to read I always suggest " Open your mind and heart without judging and give yourself a chance to learn" This session took place a couple weeks ago where client was seeking healing from an accident while working and severe damaged one of his eye rushing to hospital and getting stitches due to detached retina .

As client goes under hypnosis is always exciting to expect what kind of past lives Higher Self (HS) will take client to experience that will help on their healing. Due client's anxiety of job pressure and worryness from daughter away in college. HS choose to show many happy wonderful present life scenes as single and as parent with the purpose of overrun the negativity state of mind. As a practitioner we can consider when is time to move person to an appropriate time and space but HS choose client (C) where he was a tribe's man, 12 000 circa between France-Germany wearing a piece of big animal skin wrap around his torso, barefoot, long dark hair, tan skin, young adult and holding a spear..

Parts of session:

Me: Why are you holding a spear?

C: because I used for hunting

Me: What do you hunt?

C: We just hunt a Mammoth

Me: Who is we?

C: My family

Me: Brothers and sisters?

C: All the community are my family.

Me: Are they many?

C: About 50.

Me: Where do you live

C: I live in a big cave close to a cliff.

Me: Why do you live close to a cliff?

C: Because we are safe in higher ground.

Me: Safe from what?

C: From wild animals.

As we continue exploring that life he explains "I'm the leader's tribe wearing a bone necklace as a reminder of two family members had been devoured by a wild tiger . As he recalled ,we chased tiger and killed with spears and stones and drank its blood. But then I realized he was trying to survived as we do...."

Then as we found that information we decided to move client to another appropriate time and space.

HIgher Self is always unpredictable and picked a possible life where client was in a aircraft traveling to Mars!! Year 2150.

He was a member crew electronic engineer in charge of cargo area wearing a suit, young adult, single and very satisfied of his job.

Me: How long does it take to travel from Earth to Mars?

C: A week.

Me: what kind of fuel aircraft use ?

C: Nuclear fusion.

Me: is there a colony established in Mars?

C: Yes there are many people already there couple millions.

Me: Are there cities or just buildings above or underground?

C: both above and underground.

Me: Can you walk on Mars surface with a suit? C: Yes in certain parts in other parts you definitely need a suit. Me: why?

C: Because in other regions of Mars temperature is very extreme and huge sandstorm take place.

Me: How Mars was colonized?

C: We found underground water and scientist brought water as well from Earth to do an experiment that improved ozone’s layer to make it thicker and safe from cosmic rays.

Me: what happened to Earth and why Mars it's been colonized?

C: Earth it's been over populated and civilization it's expanding to Mars and other moons within the solar system and exploring the universe.

Me: Are there any intelligent species in Mars?

C: ( it remains in silence as I repeated twice same question. When this happens HS knows that is irrelevant and respect level of client consciousness)

Me: What else happened to Earth?

C: On Earth are very strict. There's no more nations , no borders only one .

Me: Do you still having monetary system?

C: Everything is been handle in account and numbers .

Me: How do you feel doing your job?

C: Very satisfied because I'm helping civilization to expand and survived.

When we call HS to expand answers of client and why HS choose these two lives as a tribe's man leader and member of aircraft ? And how does it related into his present life?

HS: "Survival and continuing of life , people as family rely on him to provide and those happy moments on present life is the future and are important to look forward for happiness.

Me: Message for him?

HS: " Life's is good keep moving forward and everything is good "

All personal questions were answered ( we respect his privacy by not publishing ) as healing took placed and recommendations:

Me: What was the cause of his eye accident?

HS: He had been careless, trying to do more than he can and not been focus.

Me: Can you help him to heal his eye

HS: We are.

Me: What are you exactly doing to heal?

HS: LIght regenerating his cells, also., every time he meditates healing is taking place and he´ll be more focus and not worry about details.

Me: What other recommendations he can do to have a faster recovery?

HS: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables green leafs, 75% raw organic 25% cooked. Green juices, NO red meats, NO processed foods, NO cold cuts. And more vibrational sessions.

Me: I did 3 vibrational sound sessions ( weeks before this session) , how much that help him?

HS: 75%.

Me: So if he follows all these recommendations, how many time will he recover?

HS: in 4 to 5 months.

ME: Will he need a surgery as doctors told him?

HS: NO, only need to remove that lens and he´ll be fine.

We only wrote what we consider is appropriate to be publish as many parts of session where left out to respect client privacy.

And this a good example as QHHT session is conducted and how healing its been done. HS makes an scan of whole body and healing and telling advice to keep up or improving in order that client learn to have responsibility of his well being .

Martin Rivera QHHT Certified Practitioner

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